Energy  solutions

Energy Market

Energy management provision

We support our customer in every phase connected to the purchase and the management of energy supply, implementing the necessary measures to marginalise uncertainty factors linked to a supply activity on the energy resources market.


Sustainability and resources efficiency

Comprehensive assistance for resources efficiency and Carbon Footprint application, EPD and GHG inventory, evaluation of project of reduction which aim at energy efficiency on OFFSETs.


A 360° energy efficiency

We manage all the issues related to energy efficiency at 360 º: from the complete Energy Management, Energy Analysis and Audit and also ISO 50001 certifications and many other services.

ESCO – Cost-free efficiency solutions

Energy efficiency and self-production

We carry out energy efficiency and self-production interventions through EPC (Energy Performance Contract) contracts, that is without investment by the customer.


Zero Carbon

Zero Carbon Target is a path that support companies in CO2 emission reduction projects, and it creates a positive impact on the environment, communities and natural resources. 

Energy Analysis

Energy analysis is addressed mainly to companies and energy consumers and it aims to frame the energy situation of the production site or building, assessing the energy consumption of each energy carrier used.

Resources efficiency

ALENS Swiss, with its Reffnet-accredited technical team, will be able to accompany you in the process of optimizing products and processes by obtaining a plan of measures with concrete actions aimed at increasing efficiency and resource use.

Start saving
Energy today.

Learn how to save energy while reducing environmental impact. We support you in every aspect connected to the energy, environmental and sustainability world. Discover Alens Swiss, talk to us. 

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