Learn how to save money by managing your energy more efficiently with our Reffnet consultants.

How Alens enhances your Resources Efficiency – Reffnet

Learn how we can accompany you in the process of optimising products and processes through consultancy aimed at increasing efficiency and the use of resources. Our programme offers:

Practical and applicable propositions

The proposed sustainability improvement measures are practice-oriented and genuinely applicable.

Reduction of procurement risk

Reducing the resources deployed also means reducing its exposure to the market. Certificate

The Reffnet association certificate attests to your commitment to increasing the sustainability of your products.

Reffnet Resources efficiency

Sustainability means being aware that every choice you make to satisfy a present need will have an effect in the future.

For companies, sustainability means taking into account the environmental, social and economic impacts of their activities.

Consumers today are more aware and are increasingly seeking information about companies and their social and environmental commitments and their contribution to sustainability also depends on the products and services they use.

In fact, consumers prefer companies that are environmentally and socially responsible and committed to increasing their sustainability.

Therefore, being an environmentally and socially sustainable company generates profit and this represents a major competitive advantage.

Using resources in a sustainable and responsible way is a very important factor for environmental sustainability.


Being efficient in the use of resources also means cost reduction:

    • The costs of materials and raw materials account on average for 40% of a company’s production costs.
    • Targeted investments in resource efficiency therefore payoff.
    • In the process of resource efficiency, the company can save on materials and costs while remaining competitive and thrifty in resources.
    • Resource efficiency consulting programme.

Consultation programme for resources efficiency

ALENS Swiss, with Reffnet-accredited technical experts on its team, can support you in the process of optimising your products and processes with the first three days of free consultancy worth CHF 4,000.

The result of the consultancy is a plan of measures with concrete actions to increase efficiency and use of resources.

A part of the resource analysis study is also subsidised by the Canton up to a maximum of CHF 10,000.


Here are the benefits of Reffnet implementation:

  • The proposed measures are practical and easily applicable.

  • Analysis of free potential and development of a plan of measures.

  • Assessment of the environmental impact (including CO2 emissions) of measures with certificate

  • The Reffnet certificate helps you communicate your sustainability to your customers.

  • Absolute confidentiality of your data.

  • Free consultation for the first three days.


Eng. Paolo Guardamagna
Marketing Director
Eng. Valentina Tomasello
Project Manager
Eng. Massimo Lombardi
Technical Director

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Zero Carbon Target accompanies companies in measurable and certifiable emission reduction projects within the company’s production chain.

Product environmental declaration


he EPD or Environmental Product Declaration is a voluntary environmental product certification in accordance with ISO 14025. It supports organisations to analyse, improve and communicate the environmental impact of their services and products.

Improve the efficiency and the use of resources with our Accredited Reffnet Experts 

Strengthen your product and process cost system through targeted consultancy to increase efficiency and resource utilisation

Material and raw material costs represent on average 40% of a company’s production costs. Our experts can help you define:
  • How to amortise your costs through targeted investments in the efficiency of your resources
  • How to remain competitive and thrifty by saving on materials and resource costs
  • How to become an environmentally and socially sustainable company to meet new consumer demands


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