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Energy-Region is a form of inter-municipal collaboration in the field of energy in which the municipalities, taking advantage of local synergies, pursue energy policy objectives together with their inhabitants and companies and organizations present in their territory.

Collaborating in Energy-Region, the Municipalities succeed in obtaining better results than those they could achieve alone, promoting the production of renewable energy at regional level and pursuing the objective of a more efficient use of energy in the region, contributing to a wider perception of energy policy activities. 

ALENS Swiss is able to carry out energy budgets and municipal energy plans and to accompany municipalities in defining and implementing strategies that lead to the medium and long-term achievement of the objectives of the Energy Strategy 2050 and the Society 2000 Watt.


Eng. Damiano Stroppini
Sales director
Eng. Valentina Tomasello
Project Manager
Eng. Massimo Lombardi
Technical director

Eng. Paolo Guardamagna

Marketing Director


Why should you choose Energy-Region?

  • New decade: new program strategy  SvizzeraEnergia 2020-2030

  • The program Region-Energy will be launched in 2021. New regions may participate, those who want to realize projects on SvizzeraEnergia contents (buildings and renewable energy, mobility, plants, processes).  

  • There are significant subsidy to support these projects, as well as assistance from the Centre of Competence for Italian Switzerland.


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How does one become an Energy-Region?

In four steps:

  • First of all, we need the will to start an inter-municipal collaboration on energy. The process can be started by a municipality,
    a representative of a municipality, an association, companies or individuals.

  • The geographical area and the participants in the Region-Energy are defined. It is important to look at regional promoters or existing partnerships.

  • Develop a common vision for the energy future of the region. The basis for this is the energy balance of consumption up to that time and the existing potentials.

  • Have well-defined and organized structures over time. Municipalities must commit themselves in a binding way and cooperation takes on an institutional character.


Is Alens Swiss also an Energy-Region consultant?

No, but we support municipalities to set up municipal energy budgets and municipal energy plans, and to accompany municipalities in defining and implementing strategies that lead to the medium and long-term achievement of the objectives of the Energy Strategy 2050 and the Society 2000 Watt.

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