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Energy efficiency

The path of energy efficiency starts with the energy audit and it continues as follows: 

  • verification and management of the benefits achieved form the implementation of the improvement interventions 
  • monitoring plan and consumption verification, which allow to directly detect potential disfunctions 
  • normalization of anomalies for the benchmarking between different sites 
  • implementation of a predictive model of consumptions 

Through the EnPI time management, ALENS’s energy management identifies the areas to analyze, evalues the opportunities through the feasibility study and payback-time, in order to establish criterion, parameters and procedures to achieve the predetermined goals. 

ALENS’s goal is to identify the potentiality of energy efficiency interventions, using focused global analysis methodologies based on performance indicators, built on the experience of both the industrial and tertiary fields. 

The predictive analysis is the beginning of a strategic project directed to the performance of the analyzed project, a tool to quickly identify any wastefulness and to reduce consumptions with the most efficient technologies. It is an opportunities to begin a growing path towards energy efficiency.  



Energy management service grants an advanced and updated consultancy of the energy data that indicates the association between energy performance and economics indicator. 

The level of service may be chosen according to the requirement. We start with the BASIC service, with the activation of services on request: 

  • BASIC service – it considers the use of software and ALENS WEB platform (does not require the use/ installation of hardware)
  • INTERMEDIATE service: it considers the use of software and ALENS WEB platform that dialogues with the distributor of electricity for the continuous acquisition of consumption data to the POD (installation of hardware)
  • COMPLETE service: it includes the use of software, of ALENS WEB platform that communicates with the electricity distributor for the continuous acquisition of data to the POD, and with hardware that will install ALENS for the acquisition of data from gauges already in the field or any other instrumentation that will be decided to install.

Energy Management System is an advanced analysis service that processes your consumption in real time and supports you in the continuous improvement of the energy performance of your company (SMB, industry with complex processes, local single site organization, multinational, multi-site GDO, department stores).


Eng. Damiano Stroppini
Sales Director
Eng. Valentina Tomasello
Project Manager
Eng. Massimo Lombardi
Technical Director
Eng. Paolo Guardamagna
Marketing Director


The advantages of our Energy Management service are: 

  • Creation of a historical database with measured dimensions and dynamically updated 

  • Execution of complex analysis in a short period of time and presentation of the results through a user-friendly platform 

  • Evaluation of the effective energy performance and the related costs (payment, incentive, savings, etc.)  

  • Possibility to acquire a “on demand” added functionality and to integrate additional tools of advanced energy calculation  

Energy diagnosis is the tool of departure for complex activities like Energy Management or Zerocarbontarget.


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Is the energy audit mandatory?

Yes, for every big business and energy businesses, it is not mandatory for little or medium businesses.

How often do I have to perform it?

It has a validity of 4 years so, at the end of this period, it must be performed again. 

Is Alens Swiss able to provide customer support throughout the country?

Yes, we are able to provide customer support throughout the country, thanks to our branches in Pavia, Vicenza and Rome – in Italy – , while we are Active on the rest of the market with our branch in Bellinzona, Switzerland.

My company needs a customized service. Do you offer it?

Yes, our work is “tailor made”. We provide a service built upon the requests of every company. 

I am looking for a strategic consultation, but I often run into companies that end up connecting me to a call center. In this regard, how is your approach?

Each activity is managed by a Project Coordinator , who will be the interface of the Customer; that is a technical profile with a wide experience on the topic of interest. We never use call centers, only qualified personnel. 

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