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Energy analysis, energy audit and monitoring

Energy analysis is manly addressed to companies and energy consumers and aims to frame the energy situation of the production site or building, assessing the energy consumption of each energy carrier used.

The aim of the analysis is to identify proposals for energy efficiency, improving the processes ad hoc for each company and identifying any critical points

Energy diagnosis is part of the energy analysis and it analyzes, through the creation of energy models, economic savings and maximum investment, with the creation of Business Plan, analyzing energy performance indicators (Enpi).

In addition to energy analysis, it is becoming increasingly important to have a system that allows you to measure and then quantify any size or energy carrier used by a company with the aim of having concrete data to be analyzed to implement timely strategies of intervention as needed. 

The monitoring of consumption is not limited to the industrial context, but its applications extend to all the complex areas of the built environment, where it can become the connecting tool between accounting, thermoregulation, automation, comfort.

ALENS Swiss is able to support the company throughout the energy analysis and energy diagnosis process, supporting the implementation of the best measurement system. We realize a complete and exhaustive monitoring plan studied in optimal way for every requirement of the customer. 


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The benefits given by the consumption analysis of AlensSwiss are:

  • Alens Swiss has an agreement with AITI Servizi and offers services to AITI companies and associates at advantageous prices

  • The study of energy analysis are incentivized by the Canton up to 50% of the analysis cost, with a maximum price fixed at 10’000 CHF.

  • There are also other incentives both at federal and cantonal level and other incentive schemes ( Prokilowatt, Kilk, etc.) that can be used for energy efficiency interventions. 

Energy diagnosis is the starting tool for complex activities, like Energy Management or Zerocarbontarget.


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Which are the operative phases of an energy analysis?

Energy analysis is structured as follows: 

  • Preparatory data collection, like description of the productive process, products, characteristics of the main technologic plant, annual consumption for each used vector 

  • Surveys and initial inspections with management and company technicains in order to collect the necessary informations for a detailed analysis of energy consumptions and the possibility of energy efficiency  

  • Identification of improvement actions and possible interventions of energy efficency, potential anomalies to be solved, incentives that support investments and analysis of costs-benefits for each intervention  

  • Writing of diagnosis report with energy efficiency interventions and  investment return time 

  • Presentation of diagnosis report and final meeting with the technicians and the management in order to share potential actions to reduce the company’s consumptions
What economical advantage does an energy analysis bring?

Energy analysis is an important opportunity for all small and medium businesses, in particular those that have important energy consumption: it allows, in fact, to identify waste and areas of greatest concern to understand what are the interventions capable of improving the management of energy on site, optimizing the benefits obtained.

As never before, having eco-sustainable processes and products allows to achieve greater competitiveness in the market linked to both the most advantageous energy management that reduces production costs, is the best corporate image you can offer to your customers. 

What is the difference between energy diagnosis and energy audit?

Energy analysis includes the analysis of the current energy consumption of a company (electricity, diesel, gas, wood or other energy carriers), electricity bills and load curves and it gives an overview of the energy situation of a company, in order to identify any weaknesses and seek explanations for possible exceptional energy consumption.

Energy audit is a “systematic procedure to provide adequate knowledge of the energy consumption profile of a building or group of buildings, of an industrial activity or installation or of public or private services, to identify and quantify cost-effective energy saving opportunities and report on results”. 
Energy diagnosis therefore includes energy analysis but is more in-depth and complies with the standard UNI CEI EN 16247, European legislation that defines requirements and methodologies to set up the diagnosis.

Which are the goals of an energy analysis?


  • Provide an overview of the current situation in the energy sector of a company
  • Identify any energy inefficiencies of a system under its current operating conditions
  • Propose solutions to improve efficiency by quantifying the resulting savings
Why should I carry out an energy diagnosis?

The benefits are:

  • Detailed energy modelling with breakdown of consumption by line, product or functional area;
  • Energy improvement plan with a comprehensive business plan
  • EnPI of different types with comparison with market benchmarks.

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