• Energy balance and municipal energy plan

Energy balance and municipal energy plan

The term “Municipal Energy Plan” indicates a voluntary process aimed at promoting the sustainability of the system of production and more sustainable energy consumption within a given municipality, highlighting specific local opportunities.

The Municipal Energy Plan is a tool that provides a comprehensive analysis of consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the municipal area (Energy Balance) and it evaluates the potential of the territory in relation to the reduction of energy needs and the exploitation of indigenous renewable resources.

The objectives of reduction and rationalization of consumption, energy conversion and enhancement of indigenous energy production are outlined as per the vision of Society 2000 Watts

The development of a municipal energy plan therefore supports an energy policy strategy that is functional to the resources of the territory and the  present conditions.


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Energy balances and municipal energy plans are an important tool to help small and medium municipal administration in every aspect connected to energy and environmental planning, like:  

  • Build an energy and emissions accounting system  

  • Identify future development dynamics with energy forecasts and scenarios

  • Propose intervention that aim at the achievement of energy saving 

  • Promote a correct spread of renewable and alternative energy sources 

  • Reduce climate-altering as emissions 

  • Building a resilient territorial system capable of renewing and adapting to climate change


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What is an energy city?

An energy city is a municipality or a city that is continuously committed to the efficient use of energy, climate protection, renewable energy and sustainable mobility. 

The energy city label is the attestation of a coherent and results-oriented energy and climate policy. The cities and municipalities that have been awarded the label go through a global process, consisting of different phases, which leads them towards a sustainable energy and climate policy.

Is Alens Swiss a city energy consultant?

No, but we support municipalities to set up municipal energy budgets and municipal energy plans, and to accompany municipalities in defining and implementing strategies that lead to the medium and long-term achievement of the objectives of the Energy Strategy 2050 and the Society 2000 Watt.

Is Alens Swiss able to provide customer support throughout the country?

Yes, we are able to provide customer support throughout national and international territory, with our branch in Bellinzona and in Italy.

My company needs a customized service. Do you offer it?

Yes, our work is “tailor made”. We provide a service built upon the requests of every company. 

I am looking for a strategic consultation, but I often run into companies that end up connecting me to a call center. In this regard, how is your approach?

Each activity is managed by a Project Coordinator, who will be the interface of the Customer; that is a technical profile with a wide experience on the topic of interest. We never use call centers, only qualified personnel.

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